Thursday, May 12, 2011

When it comes to commitment...are you the chicken or the pig?

I had the privilege to attend the United Way Young Leaders Luncheon yesterday.  Our speaker, Randy Tomlin, is the Senior VP of U-verse field operations for AT&T, and is a company man through and through.  He has been with AT&T throughout his entire career and worked his way from the bottom up!  You can tell that he really loves AT&T and what he does!  I can only hope that after I have been a REALTOR for the same amount of time he as been with AT&T that I love my job just as much as he does!

Something Randy left me contemplating yesterday when it comes to growing my business is whether I am a chicken or a pig!  What is my level of commitment to my business, my clients, my family and my future.  This might have you scratching your head, as was I, when he first gave the analogy.  He went on to say that when it comes down to breakfast...there are eggs and there is bacon.  The chicken is only partially she just gave up an egg or two...but the pig...well, he's all in!

So where do I stand you might ask?  Well, I have to say I am pretty much all in when it comes to serving my clients.  However, I am at the point in my career that I am putting so much into my business that time with family is suffering a bit and I am working on finding a better balance.  (That is another post)

Reasons I say I am all in are as follows:
1.  I am a full time REALTOR!  A lot of folks out there do this job part time (still not sure how they do that and fully serve their clients, but that is another post).
2.  My husband and I own a home.  I understand the financial and emotional aspects of buying your first home.
3.  I am just as excited about finding the one that fits you as you are!  When you find THE just know it.  You might look one might look for 8 months or more...that part is up to you...but when you find the feels like home.  That is the magic moment that I got in the business for!  I know it's there...we just have to find it!
4.  As my client, my goal is to build a relationship with you.  (I know you might be thinking...sure...that's what they all say) but the difference is that I am not a salesy person.  I tried sales once and I was horrible at it!  My goal is to be a trusted advisor/consultant!  I will look and look and look!  I will tell you the truth even if it is sometimes hard to swallow.  (Example:  You might not be able to afford the area you really really want to live in with all the amenities you are looking for)  I am a friend and an advocate.  I WILL NOT push you into buying or selling if that is not what you are ready to do!  I will also recommend that you NOT spend as much as the bank says you can afford!  That is an easy way to get in trouble... really FAST!

I hope this helps you learn a little more about me and my philosophy towards buying or selling your home!  I am here to offer my time and my knowledge!

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