Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Patio

Tis that time of year! The temps begin to rise...the rain holds off (hopefully) and its on your mind and everyone's mind. Heading to a patio after work for a few liquor libations (beer and wine also acceptable). The Facebook posts may start as early as 9:00am if Charles or a Clayton are involved. Others hold off until around lunch (the kickball team) and then there are those who have been thinking about it all day, but don't think its best to mention until around 2-3 pm (Sara, Jonathan, Liz and Blake). Below are some of my favorite patio's as well as summer concoctions. What are your's?

Patio's (in no particular order)
My house (a great house isn't great to me until it has a great patio)
Times Ten
Neighborhood Services Tavern
Black Friar (if you can find a seat...haven't been there in a while)
Urban Taco (Uptown Location)
Ocean Prime
Ginger Man
Primo's (on Tuesday) been this way since we moved here and still holding strong

Libations of Choice
Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and Water with a squeeze of fresh lemon
Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade
Tanqueray and Tonic
Margarita on the rocks no salt
Arizona Stronghold - Mangus (a great red wine blend from Arizona...no lie! It's great)
Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat (beer)

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