Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The "M" Street area...for when you are thinking about growing up

The "M" Street area became our new home sweet home last year!  We decided that we were growing up a little and did not want a condo or a townhouse, but we did want to own something.  We wanted a place to call our own and we wanted a little bit of grass to go along with that.

However, Stephen works downtown and I work at Ebby's Little White House...neither one of us are exactly early risers or fans of traffic...so moving outside the loop (and I mean loop 12...not 635) wasn't really all that appealing to us.  After researching some of the neighborhoods in Dallas, we felt our best fit would be East Dallas and in particular the "M" Street/Lakewood area.

We could not have picked a better spot for us.  Our neighbors are great!  We are within walking distance to Greenville Avenue and within running distance to White Rock Lake!  Many of our friends live in the area or very close by and it has been fun to have the room that we didn't have in Uptown to entertain.

If I had to pick the Top 5 best things about our neighborhood I would have to say:
- Location
- Style of homes
- Great elementary schools
- Outdoor activities (White Rock Lake, kickball leagues, parks, etc)
- Neighbors

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