Thursday, May 5, 2011

Great People deserve Great Service

I had a great conversation this morning with a great person who has received really poor service from not ONE, but TWO Real Estate agents recently.  She needed a question answered and she needed help.  We talked for a moment and I quickly realized that at this point they had put an offer in themselves because they felt other agents didn't have time for them!  Folks, that is what this business has to offer...that is what I have to offer.  My time and my knowledge.  I am here to serve!  It is my job and why I got into this business...because quite frankly...there are a lot of agents out there not giving their clients the devotion they deserve.

On the flip side...the listing agent wasn't doing what was best for his/her client either.  There is a short sale involved and there is already one offer under contract that has been sent to the bank.  The problem is (the folks who I hope to have as clients) came in with a higher offer.  The listing agent told them that he couldn't submit their offer until the bank declines the first offer.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!  If an agent tells you me!  It is the listing agents fiduciary duty to get the best price for their client and even though they are under contract the bank has the right to review other potential offers...especially if they are higher!  The agent also told (I hope my future clients) that he had other properties he wanted them to look at.  So what this agent is really doing is trying to sell 2 properties vs. just the one!  Serving himself first and NOT his client!  This is just WRONG WRONG WRONG!

Do the right thing and serve your CLIENTS FIRST!  It will come back to you 10 fold!

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