Tuesday, June 21, 2011


That was one nasty storm early this morning in Dallas, huh?  I woke up to some crazy thunder and lightening this morning and one heck of a downpour!  Did you wake up to much of the same?  You might have even heard the dreaded drip...drip...drip and I don't mean a leaky faucet.  When you find you have damage to your roof or any other part of your house from a storm you might think that the first person you should call is the insurance adjuster.  However, if the damage does not exceed your deductible you might be doing yourself more harm than good.

Did you know that when an insurance adjuster comes out a claim is automatically filed on the house whether the insurance company ends up paying or not?  A tip I picked up from an insurance adjuster is to go ahead and have a roofer check the issues out first.  If it exceeds your deductible call the insurance company.  If not, you have just saved yourself a claim against your property.

The reason behind this theory is that homes with a lot of insurance claims attached to them can be hard to insure.  If your property is hard to insure...it will be even more difficult to sell.

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