Friday, April 22, 2011

Legislative Update

On April 12, I had the privilege to attend the "REALTORS® Storm the Capitol" event in Austin. We met with representatives from both the House and Senate and discussed where we stand on several legislative issues.

The one you may find most interesting is Eminent Domain!

Eminent Domain
Support House Bill 279, Senate Bill 18

What these bills do...
Protect the rights of private-property owners through strengthening private-property rights against abusive land seizures by eminent domain. Restrict the conditions under which property can be condemned and provide more rights to property owners whose land is seized.

REALTORS® position:
While necessary, eminent-domain powers are sometimes abused. Private-property rights are threatened whenever an eminent-domain taking is contemplated by the government.

Texas REALTORS® support legislation that reforms the limitations, process, and other aspects of eminent domain and condemnation in Texas. Some of these supported reforms include:
  • Ensuring seized land is taken only for public use
  • Requiring transparency in the process of valuing condemned property
  • Paying attorney's fees if a property owner prevails in a hearing for higher property value
  • Compensating owners for lack of access
  • Enabling property owners to repurchase their land after 10 years if the project has not moved forward

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