Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ebby!

Today, in Dallas, we celebrate a true legend. An individual who if you look up inspiration in the dictionary her picture is bound to be there. A small town girl born in Leslie, Arkansas who began selling Cloverine Salve at age 11. She later went on to selling hats in Dallas...and then on to become The First Lady of Real Estate! To this day she is in the office every day working to improve the lives of others through philanthropic ventures.

Happy 100th Birthday, Ebby Halliday!

I am honored to have the privilege of being a part of what you created!

Unsolicited advice from Ebby:

- Don't smoke, don't drink, never retire.
- Always wear your name tag on the right hand side.
- Always have a true interest in your client. They come first!

The Birthday Girl being surprised by The Little White House singing Happy Birthday before she starts her big day!

Ebby's Birthday Banner on the side of The Little White House

First Flowers of the Day

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